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Language Proficiency

All PGEQ students should have proficiency in English.

The English proficiency certificate must be submitted to the PGEQ Coordination during the periods determined for the masters and doctoral courses. The proficiency obtained in the master's degree is valid for the doctorate.

The certificates issued by the Casa de Cultura Britânica of the UFC, TOELF and certificates issued by the University of Cambrigde (Certificate of Advanced English, Proficiency in English and Diploma in English) serve as English proficiency. See HERE for the equivalence table for level B1.

English in the Casa de Cultura Britânica

Dates for English proficiency examination are posted on the Casa de Cultura website.

The Casa de Cultura Inglesa (CCI) also offers limited vacancies reserved for graduate students. Students should contact the coordination office and ask to include your name. The list is sent each semester to the ICC.